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  • Safety at work
  • Safety at electrical work SFS 6002

  • Occupational Safety and Well-being at Work

    109,00  Vat 0%

    This Safety at Work training course promotes employees’ overall understanding of safety and well-being at the workplace. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge regarding risk factors at work and work strain, and to reduce occupational accidents and incidents. The course helps companies work towards the goal of Zero Accidents and addresses common safe work practices at the workplace. Further details about the course can be found below.

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  • Safety at electrical work – Industry and power

    179,00  Vat 0%

    The Safety at electrical work – Industry and power course is intended for electricity professionals who carry out high-current low-voltage and high-voltage work in an industrial or power plant environment.

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  • Safety at electrical work – General

    179,00  Vat 0%

    The course contents are based on the European Union EN 50110 standards for operation of electrical installations and EN-SFS 6002 Safety at electrical work which fullfils the requirements of the Finnish Electricity Safety Act 1135/2016 concerning training in electrical work safety.

    The course is intended for persons who work in the maintenance and service of electrical installations, machines and equipment of under 1,000 V.

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  • Safety at electrical work – Grid and electricity networks

    179,00  Vat 0%

    The course is targeted at electricity professional who work in high-voltage substations, transformer substations and on electricity transmission networks.

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  • Safety at electrical work – Instructed person

    129,00  Vat 0%

    The contents of the course for instructed persons in accordance with standard SFS 6002 safety at electrical work are based on the requirements of the standard obliged by the Finnish Electricity Safety Act 1135/2016 concerning ordinary persons and instructed persons.

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